Rules and regulations

Please be advised that the abbiding of the following regulations is required for your access to the “Moorea Tiki Park”.

The height acrobatic trail is a dedicated entertainment area allowing customers to move freely – in a more or less acrobatic way – over or between trees and other natural or manufacted landscape elements.
It is made of several activities spread over different courses identified by specific colored indications.
In case of dangerous weather conditions.
In cases of strong winds, storms, gales… Please be advised that the area may be evacuated and closed, should weather conditions require it, for your own safety.
Access conditions:

Access to the park and any of its features is forbidden outside of opening times. Please be advised that access to the park may be denied to any individual who does not fill in the following conditions:
– Be sure to take out civil liability insurance beforehand.
– Be physically and psychologically fit for sport activities. Moreover, consumption of alcoholic beverages or any substance that may alter physical performances is strictly forbidden before engaging in any of the park activities. We highly encourage pregnant women not to engage in the park activities either.
– Be sure to pay the entrance fee.
– Be sure to thouroughly follow the security explanations and successfully go through the test run managed by the personel on site before engaging in any of the courses.
– On the “Tamarii” course, any child below 8 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, who will have to follow all explanations regarding security rules and use of the equipments needed beforehand.
– Each course may have specific access restrictions (age, weight, height….). For your own safety, make sure you fit in any requirement the course may have.
– Minors below 16 must be accompanied by an adult (who will go through the activities with them). Please be advised that an adult will be needed for every 3 minors.
-Be sure to wear clothes adapted for outdoor activities.

For your own safety:

– Long hair must be tied.
– Remove eventual scarfs or necklaces, which may get damaged or lost during activities.
– keep glasses only if outfitted with fall-preventing measures.
– Any person wearing a navel piercing must report it to the staff in charge of the activities, in order to prevent any risk of entanglement with the harnesses.
– Be sure to engage in the activities under the supervision of the staff on site and respect any security measures and directive given.
Read all documents relative to security, regulations, the use of equipments and markings and signs given during explanations for the autonomous use of the acrobatic course.
– Be sure to follow all use conditions of each course, notably the specific progress and security rules relative to each course.
– Be sure to respect the maximum number or allowed persons for each activity and each platform at all times.
You are going through the different courses autonomously = You are responsible for your own security:

Behaviour you should adopt while in the park:
It is strictly forbidden to smoke or use mobile phones during activities.
Please be sure to adopt an appropriate and cautious behaviour at all times.
Clothes fit for outdoor activities are highly recommanded.

Do no keep on you any item likely to fall during activities.
– Each customer will receive a complete set of security equipment by the staff, who will check it before each activity. Should you remove or put any piece of the security harnesses back on, be sure to have it checked by the staff once more. It is strictly forbidden to use any equipment not provided by the park during the activities.
– All rules relative to security are given to you by the staff before each activity. Following these is compulsory at all times.
– Should you do not feel physically or psychologically capable of engaging in any activity autonomously after security rules are given by the staff, we highly recommand you do not start the course.
– The rule above also applies to any individual who fails the test run of the activity.
– Please be sure to read every information sign at the entrance of each activity: platforms and activities must not be overloaded.
– Always remain aware of your surroundings at all times.
– It is strictly forbidden to leave a course midway without authorization and assistance from one of the staff members.
– In case of emergency, always seek assistance from the staff.
Pedestrians, visitors and accompanying persons are allowed in the park.

They are expected to be cautious and respectful at all times, both in regard to eventual falling objects and the surrounding flora.
– Be sure to follow regulations and signs, do not get in the way of people engaging in the activities and stay away from attractions, especially from any landing zip-line.
– Pets are allowed only on the hiking path, and must be leashed at all times.
– Marking and signalization on the ground must be followed.
– It is strictly forbidden to run on the site.
– Be respectful of the environment, do not pick up vegetation and do not litter!
– It is strictly forbidden to smoke or lit any kind of fire in the park.
Should the situation require it, the park may expel any individual who does not cope with regulations, has a dangerous behaviour either for himself or others, or disrespectful of the staff, installations or the environment, as they see fit.
Please be advised that the Moorea Tiki Park will not endorse any accident that may happen in case of failures to follow rules and regulations given in this document – moreover the park declines all responsability in case of theft of loss of items within the park and parking lot.

The protection harness is designed not to be removed once an activity has started. It is thus impossible to remove it during an activity to go back. Please make sure to thouroughly read the description of the course you have chosen – which is available at the start of the course – BEFORE going in.

Security rules:

– only 1 person allowed on an activity
– Max. 2 persons allowed on a platform
– Always wait until the zip-line is empty (both on the line and on the crash-pad) to get on it.
– Long hair must be tied.
– Do not keep any item likely to fall during activities.
– Check the pictogram before starting an activity.
– Use your equipment as shown during explanations.
– Do not jump during activities.
– Do not run on the walkways.
– Have a staff member check your harness before each course.